Name: Wikirlė

Nickname: Wiki

Meaning: Based on the main character in Transformer's last name: Witwicky

Gender: Gelding (male)

Species: Horse

Breed: American Paint Horse

Color: Splash Paint with Fern Tribal Markings color mutations

Age: 6 years

Trained In: Show Jumping, Cross Country, Dressage, Barrel Racing, Reining, English Lessons, Western Lessons

Competes In: Cross Country, Show Jumping, Barrel Racing, Dressage

Likes: Competing, Cross Country, Nature, Jumping, Outdoors, Sunny Days, Warm Weather, Summer, Trees, Ferns & Other Plants, Love, Affection

Dislikes: Winter, Cold Weather, Abuse, Dressage, Indoors, Rain, Sadness

Personality: Wiki is a very sweet horse. He's lovable, caring, and an excellent jumper. He competes in many shows and is really in love with Cross Country, since it's held outside. Wiki is in love with nature - some say that's how he got the Fern markings on him. Others say he had a terrible owner before his current one who branded him with them. However, his gentle and caring nature and disposition makes the second choice highly unlikely.

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