Name: Gisk

Gender: Male

Species: Atlantean Adopt

Breed: Atlantean Armadillo

Likes: Combat, quiet, taking risks, keeping to himself, the dark, outdoors

Dislikes: Big groups, loud noises, weakness, small talk, playfulness

Personality: Gisk has your standard "tough guy" exterior, but underneath he is such a softy. Gisk is fearless and will try to do the most dangerous things. He is very reserved and quiet. Gisk is rarely playful and generally frowns upon doing things that are "unprofessional". Gisk is not fond of big groups of creatures and he hates being part of conversations with others he does not know, or is not familiar with. He loves the outdoors and generally stays in places with a lot of foliage because of his color. He likes to blend in with his surroundings and he hates standing out.

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