Adopted from Tough as Nails

Made by Meadow

Name: Chase

Age: 4 Years

Breed: Reindeer

Gender: Buck/Male

Unique Abilities?: Chase is not affected by the harmful affects of Chocolate. In other words, Chase can eat chocolate and not get sick or die.

Favorite Treat(s): Candy Canes, Peppermints, Candy

Personality: Chase is a very friendly reindeer. He is almost always happy and it's very rare to see him sad. He loves people and acts very friendly to just about any person or animals. Chase enjoys long naps and will eat anything yummy. His even temper also lets him pull sleighs for sleigh rides in the winter and around the holidays. 

Likes: Snow, Mints, Candy Canes, Grass, Water, Ice, Mountains, Christmas, Other Reindeer, Star Gazing, Art, Painting, and Love.

Dislikes: Abuse, Summer, Storms, Junk Food, Holiday Haters, A Night Without Stars, House Pets (Mice, Cats, Dogs, etc.), and Hot Weather.

Reference: (x)

Art: (x)


-Dream a Dream of Happiness-

Candy? Candy all around me? I must be dreaming! Chase looked around and all he saw was candy. Candy Canes the size of telephone poles! Marsh Mellow paths that stretched as far as the eye can see! He could hardly believe it! He bit into one of the Peppermints that lined the road and paused. Wood? The pepper mint tasted like wood! He was out raged. Just then he heard to a raged yell...

"Chase! How many times have I told you? Wood is not for eating!" Chase awoke. He looked around. Darn it. he thought and looked around. He was in his stall, as usual and was leaning against one of the board, chewing on it. He spit out the remaining wood chunks still in his mouth and looked over to the sky. I missed the stars again? Chase loved star gazing, but he had a hard time staying up to look at them.

Breakfast rolled around and Chase at his feed happily and ate some hay after he finished. His handlers came and put his red halter on. He jingled as he walked down the aisle because his halter had bells on it, which he loved. His handler let go of his halter and he pranced to his favorite spot in field: right under a tree with a nice view of the mountains. He stuck his muzzle through the blanket of snow that had fallen last night and began munching on some grass. Snow softly fell around Chase and his walked through the field. He saw some other reindeer around him, but he normally stays by himself, so he did. He nibbled on some more grass and then layed down for his afternoon nap. 

When Chase awoke, it was late and the snow had stopped falling. His food bucket was to the right of where he was napping. He ate it happily and decided to walk back to his favorite spot in the field, since he wasn't going into the barn for the night. When he got there, his spot had some other reindeer standing there. He gave a long reindeer call and they all scattered. He then looked up at the sky. The stars are out! he thought excitedly and he layed down to look at them. 

Chase's days continued like this until one month later when the holidays rolled around.

Chase was laying in a large meadow surrounded by flowers of all colors. He rolled around on his back and then onto his stomach. he put his head down and sniffed the flowers right next to his head. Just as he looked up, the sky became dark and stars filled it. Snow began to fall. This is like a dream come true! Chase thought, as he gazed up at the stars. Then he heard the crunching of footsteps coming and the large shadow they belonged to. 

Chase woke up. Ugh. He thought as he stood up. His handler came and clipped a rope to his red halter. Chase walked next his handler as the made the long walk up to the barn. She put him in his stall and moments later, came back with his bucket of food. "Your workin today, Chase." and she dumped the small, black bucket into a larger red bucket. He stuck his head into the shallow bucket and ate his morning feed. That's the only problem with Holidays: Everyone wants sleigh rides from reindeer. Chase thought as he ate. Chase's even temperament made him idle for sleigh rides.

Later that day, Chase awoke from his afternoon nap and was lead out into the aisle where they put all his harnesses and bells on him and hooked him up to the sleigh with one other reindeer, Lance. Their handler cracked the whip and Chase and Lance went into a prance evenly matching each others step. They pranced through the trail, snow falling around them and snow crunching under their hooves. The people in the sleigh were amazed by the look of the forest in the winter and how nice the reindeer looked, which made Chase hold his head up higher. 

A while later, Chase's sleigh team returned to the barn and the next group of people got on. Chase and Lance continued prancing on the same trail for the rest of the night. When they got back, after their last group of people were finished with their ride, Chase's handler took off both Chase and Lance's gear and put them back into their stalls. Chase was greeted by soft, new bedding in his stall. His handler returned with her usual black feed bucket and she walked into Chase's stall and dumped it into his shallow, red feed bucket like she normally did and Chase ate it as usual. After he ate, Chase layed down in his stall and fell asleep quickly after a long day of work.

Chase gave sleigh rides almost everyday throughout December until Christmas came around.

Chase was laying on a big, fluffy, white cloud, looking up at the sky. There were lots of stars in the sky and the stars were out. That cloud looks like a candy cane. He thought as he lied on his back. And that one looks like a sleigh. These clouds looked like all of his favorite things! There were ones that looked like candy and there were others that looked like Evergreen Trees. As he gazed, snow softly fell around him. The sky became brighter and the stars faded away. The clouds departed and Chase began falling. He woke up.

Chase was laying on his back in his stall, just as he had fallen asleep last night. He stood up and looked out the back entrance. Snow was falling fast outside. He looked around at the stalls next to him and across from him. Directly across the isle was Lance. Next to his stall on the left was a female reindeer from one field over from his, Molly. He had met her before, but only once. To his right was another male reindeer whom he'd never met.

Chase's handler came by with his morning feed and dumped it in his red bucket. He ate it fast and then the handler came by again and took him out into the field. Chase was barely out there for 10 minutes before he was covered in snow! He looked around and he couldn't see anything. His handler came back again after about 30 minutes and led him back inside. "Sorry about that bud. The snow's falling too fast to be outside. Your gunna get buried!" She led him back into his stall. Moments later she came back with a stocking with "CHASE" written on it and hung it on his door.

When night fell, the snow had stopped falling so hard and was now softly falling. His handler came by with his feed and to his surprise, she put bits of peppermints and candy canes in it! Chase ate the feed very quickly and then looked down the aisle. There were kids all up and down the aisle putting candy and treats into the stockings. A lot of little kids dropped stuff into Chase's stocking and he was ready to eat everything in it!

Later, all the kids left and his handler came back and gave Chase one of the candy canes he had received from the little kids. He ate it happily and the handler walked away. Chase had had one of the best Christmases he had ever had. Tomorrow, all the work would be over and he could return to his quiet days out in the field. He couldn't wait!

Chase continued his days as his happy self and he continues to love star gazing, dreaming, and of coarse, candy!

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