Show Name: Short Stop

Barn Name: Shorty

Breed: Blanket Appaloosa .x. Sable Quarter Horse .x. Tobino American Paint Horse with Tribal Marking color mutations

Gender: Gelding

Age: 10 Years

Height: 17 Hands

Weight: 1200 lbs


Shorty is a very young horse, so he is rather babish, so he loves games. He could play all day if you let him. Shorty, strangely loves working on the lunge line, but he not very good at the english riding style. He is gifted at western style and has competed in western shows for two years.Shorty is also very kind and sweet. He would never try to hurt a rider.

Why I Love Him:

I saw Shorty and instantly had a place for him in my characters and in my heart. I knew i had to write a form for him and had to make him the main model of my art adventures. I started my pieces as soon as adoptions were open and I felt I did quite well. Anyway, Shorty would be the love of my life, apple of my eye, and one of my main horse characters. I think he is a gorgeous horse of color and promise and would be a fabulous addition to my Coy Pond. He will definitely not collect dust and will be loved everyday. I also love his tribal markings as well and his giant blanket spot on his rump. Makes me smile when I draw him.

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Shorty's Background Story

Shorty was bred specifically for western training and competition. He had the top barrel racer in the state as his Sire and the top reining horse in the state as his Dam. When the two owners of the horses flipped the coin, Koi Pond Stables won the toss and got Shorty. They assigned the best trainer to Shorty and used the best tactics for him because they knew he was destined for greatness. 

Shorty became top horse in his barn, measured by how much progress they had made. They started to enter him in schooling shows in they're area. He won almost all his barrel racing and reining competitions and in his western pleasure classes, he didn't do too bad either. 

After Shorty had proved to be a wonerful investment, KPS decided it was time to take him to the big state shows. To the trainers, Shorty seemed ready, so they packed up and headed for the show. At the large state show, Shorty did fabulously. He got Champion is Barrel Racing and Reserve Champion in Reining. He was a little antsy in the Western Pleasure classes, so they didn't do too well. But Shorty had proven to be worth their time, so that goal was achieved. And so, he continued his training at KPS.

-Shorty's Life Through His Eyes-

As I grazed out in the field, the stars shone above, bright. The moon was gorgeous as well. I could almost see the face on him. It was beautiful outside. And I got to enjoy it all. While eating grass! My life is fabulous, no? 

I woke up the next morning. Just as the moon was falling back asleep and the sun was waking up. And so began my days of extensive and hard bigginning training as a colt. I begin each day on the lead line. I trotted around in circles for extent periods of time. It gets boring, really fast, but my trainers say I get better everyday.

And they were right! By the time I was 6, I was all ready great at Barrel Racing and Reining. They said I couldn't get the Western Pleasure thing right, but my trainer and I are working on it.

When I was 8, I rarely ever stargazed anymore. Actually, once I was out in the paddock, I fell asleep, since I train so hard durning the day. But this was the year the trainers finally wanted to show me. I could run the barrels great and could stop on a dime during reining. They said I was great, but I still don't believe them after our Western Pleasure "adventures" and problems. I'm just not a super relaxed horse. Maybe I should go into English training. The English horses are always rather jumpy.

I'm about 10 now and I have been showing for 2 years. Each year, I've gotten Champion and Reserve Champion in almost every show and the second year, I finished off the showing season with Grand Champion in Barrel Racing. The trainers think I was a fabulous investment. They're so proud of me! And i'm proud of myself.

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