Name: Caspian

Nickname: Cas

Meaning: From Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian

Gender: Stallion

Species: Horse

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Color: Palomino with Black Markings

Age: 10 months

Trained In: Walking with a Halter

Competes In: Nothing as of Right Now

Likes: Playing, goofing around, treats, games, other young horses, attention

Dislikes: Work, growing up, training, neglect, seriousness

Personality: Caspian is your stereotypical playful, young colt. He has no interest in growing up and becoming a top notch show horse. He would much rather take "forever young" to heart and just play and goof around. Caspian's parents are very successful in the western horse show world. They have competed in many different competitions and succeeded more than others. Caspian's potential as a show horse is in him, he just doesn't want to grow up. 

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