Adopted from Tough as Nails

Name/Show Name: Azuliandalun (Pronounced a-zu-li-AN'- da-lun)

Nickname/Barn Name: Azz

Breed: Appaloosa X American Paint Horse Cross

Age: 7 Years

Reference: (x)

Trainer: Coy

Current Barn: Coy Pond Stables

Trained In: Show Jumping, Cross Country, Dressage, Racing, Western & English Lessons

Competes In: Show Jumping, Dressage, Cross Country

Likes: Competitions, his owner, his home, his food, having fun, running, and anything where he can show off.

Dislikes: Other competitors, laziness, staying inside, hot weather, abusive owners, abusive people in general, and not being ridden.

Personality: Azz is a very competitive and a show off. Although he has some flaws with his ego, Azz is a very loving horse with a big heart. He gets very attached to his main owner and any grooms or trainers who work with him do not do as well on him and he is not as friendly to them as he is to his owner.

Art: (x)


Azz grew up on a small farm in Colorado. He was trained as lessons horse, but his bad attitude and grouchy nature made him not idle for small children and long lessons. When the people at Colorado Farm realized his talent at an early stage, he was moved to show training camp and was moved from trainer to trainer until they found one he liked. His temporary "permanent" trainer was named Alice and she was on Colorado's state team. She was trained in all classes and normally competed in Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country and also does Racing for fun which Azz enjoyed. Alice discovered that Azz was really a big sweet heart and enjoyed speed. Alice entered Azz in all sorts of classes in local shows and Azz became an immediate star in the shows. Azz took first in almost all his classes and all the judges loved him! Alice enjoyed jumping with him and planned to enter him in a state ranked class. But before she did that, they needed to work on a few things. First off, Azz went way to fast in Show Jumping and rushed jumps. Second, Azz didn't look as "pretty" in Dressage than she thought. His stocky body made him look like a big, clumsy, grey blob going across and around the Dressage ring. And lastly, in Cross Country, he got easily distracted and let his mind wandered as they raced through the forest. Alice works with him everyday and Azz enjoyed it a lot. And that's where Azz is currently. Training and working with Alice preparing for their next big Colorado State Show.

Alice later bought Azz and moved him to Coy Pond Stables where he still does all the things he loves.

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