Name: Legacy

Nickname: Tron; Legacy

Meaning: From the movie "Tron: Legacy"

Gender: Gelding (male)

Mate: Rez

Species: Horse

Breed: Computer Created  Mustang 

Color: Light Grey with computer markings

Age: 7 years

Trained In: Unknown

Competes In: Unknown

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Personality: Legacy is super smart. When he was a colt, he had a computer chip placed in his brain. He was then edited through a computer program called PC, or Perfect Colt. Things went horribly wrong. He was altered completely wrong. He also gained extreme abilities. Legacy could now go into the PC program when ever he was near a computer. He also had amazing strength, and could destroy things just by looking at them. He helped save thousands of colts and fillies from immediate destruction. After Legacy had been altered through PC, he began to hate humans and act out against them. He had to run away, since he was wanted for killing 11 handlers. Legacy is very though to control and cannot be stopped. Little is known about his actual personality.

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Art: (x)

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