Made by Kamaliah

Adopted from The Agency

Name: Ozzy

Age: 3-5 human years. They aren't 100% sure.

Gender: Male

Breed: Okapi

Favorite Treat: Peppermints

Diet: Leaves, Grass, and other vegetation.

Current Living Place: Coy Pond Stables

Continent Found On: Africa

Mate: Trinidad

Personality: Ozzy is a very sweet and friendly Okapi. Although he had a rough past, he is happy to be in a place.He loves other Okapis and people. He gets edgy around some people, but is normally very calm. Ozzy loves vegetation, like most Okapis, but has come to love a human food his handlers call "Peppermints."

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Ozzy was born in Africa. When he was 5, his mom was killed by hunters and his brother was taken by them. He was living on his own. Ozzy met friends and was doing well on his own until bad people started coming into the forest he lived in. They cut down trees and plants and left the forest looking ruined. All of Ozzy's friends had ran away and he was alone. Ozzy wandered the forest in search of food and was starving most of the time. One day, a group of people came into the forest and Ozzy ran. They left food and water for him and then left. He ate the food happily and then went to sleep. The next day he awoke to find the people back again. He stood up quickly and was about to run, but then he realized that these people were here to help him. Ozzy walked up to then and the petted him and gave him treats. When Ozzy looked full, they put a halter on him and led him into a trailer. Ozzy was scared at first, but they spoke to him and told him not to worry. The people brought him to a reserve and put him in a big pen with lots of grass and his favorite trees and foods. To him, it looked like his home, but nicer. He lived happily there and everyday the people came to feed him and give him treats. Ozzy was told that one day someone nice may come to adopt him. With that thought in mind, he always looked out for someone new to walk by his pasture. One Tuesday, a tall girl with brown hair walked over to his pasture. She was with one of his keepers and she was talking to her about Ozzy. He got super excited and pranced over to the fence. The girl reached out and gave him a treat. He accepted it and then she patted him. Ozzy thought this girl was nice and he hoped she would take him home. Although this new place was nice, he wanted a place where he had private attention and a loving home.

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