Name: Mango

Breed: 40% Border Collie, 20% Saymoyed, 20% Husky, 15% Wolf, 5% Squirrel

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Why I Wanted Mango and Why I Love Him: I saw this bud and it was love at first sight. His design is put together wonderfully and I love how big giant and fluffy his tail is. His colors remind me of a mango, hence, his name. I hope, if I get him, he will become a part of my small group of characters and be my dog and wolf model for future art and a character in my stories. I feel he'd be a wonderful addition to my group and I would love him forever.

Personality: Mango is a bit of a spazz to put it nicely, but he can be calm if you run all the energy out of him. He is very kind and loves all creatures big and small. His determination and attitude also makes him loved by mostly everyone.

Dislikes & Likes: Mango likes a lot of things. He really likes just about everything, such as the following: Playing; Running; Food; People; Outdoors; Love; Cool Weather; The Month of June (It's National Mango Month C; ); Water; Friends; Clouds; Flowers; Birds; Squirrels; and Attention.

Of coarse, like most people, Mango dislikes a few things. It's very rare for him to dislike anything but it happens. Here are some things Mango Dislikes: Bugs; Hot Weather; Hate; Sadness; Being in Trouble; Neglect; Distrustful People; and Fear.

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 "Come on! We have to keep going! We ALWAYS run 3 miles a day! We've only been through two!" Mango barked to his owner. "Sorry Mango, I'm really tired today. Let's turn in early. I'll take you to the dog park later. I promise." said Mango's owner calmly. Mango could tell she was tired, but he wanted to run. He wasn't even tired yet! But if his owner wanted to turn in, he'd have to follow. He loved his owner and always obeyed her. No matter what the cost. He'd once taken a bite from a wild raccoon charging at her ready to bite her. Mango later had to be rushed to the vet's immediately in order to avoid rabies. Anyway, bottom line is, he loved his owner. A lot. 

Mango's owner left for work and he stayed and looked out over the ocean. He sat on his orange pillow and gazed out the window. [i]It looks so nice out there. I wish I could go swimming.[/i] Mango thought to himself. The dog park had a little creek in it so maybe he could swim there. He liked visiting the dog park. He always mad new friends there. "Squirrel!!!" Mango barked suddenly. Outside the window was a squirrel sitting there with an acorn. "Hi! I'm Mango!" Mango said to the squirrel. "My nut! Don't touch my nut! It's my nut! Not your nut! DON'T TOUCH MY NUT!" the squirrel said with a fast, squeaky voice. "Wow, calm down. I won't touch your nut. I promise." Mango said calmly to the squirrel. But the squirrel wasn't buying it. He ran away.

After his encounter with the squirrel, Mango has been really down. His owner almost brought him to the vet he was so down. But his owner is working less hours at work so they're together more. "You're such a good boy," Mango's owner said as she calmly petted Mango's body. He snuggled close against her. His life was perfect and he wouldn't change a thing. Next thing he knew, they were going for their evening walk. The air smelled strange to him, like a storm was coming. He shivered. He really was afraid of storms. He didn't want there to be a storm. Nothing good ever comes from storms.

Lightning began and Mango and his owner were sprinting back, through the woods. The lightning was loud and it seemed to be close to them. Then the worst thing that could happen, happened. Lightning struck a huge tree and came down on Mango's long leash and his back leg got caught in it. Now it was pouring and Mango thought he was dieing. "Mango!" His owner screamed back to him. She sprinted to him and hoped over the log to help him. She tried to help him, but the log was really on his leg. Mango whimpered in pain. "I'm trying Mango, I'm sorry!" His owner said in reply to his whimper. "Somebody HELP!" She shouting to try and get help. But no one came.

Mango's leg was clearly broken, but she couldn't just yank it out. It'd hurt him even further. Mango cried again. "I'm trying Mango. I'm SO sorry!" She replied to his cry. She was now pushing on the log as hard as she could. The rain had stopped and she was now just trying to get Mango's leg out. Next, a miracle happened. A jogger came through the forest. "Help!" His owner shouted. And the jogger came over to help push. They finally got Mango's leg free and the jogger helped carry Mango to his owner's car. Next she rushed him to the vet.

At the Vet's, the Veterinarian took X-Rays of Mango's leg and pronounced him very lucky to be alive. The Vet said if the tree had fallen on him, it would have killed him on impact. The Vet put Mango under and reset his leg. Next, she put a bright orange cast on him and brought him into the recovery room to monitor him until he woke up. 20 minutes later, Mango finally woke up and the vet said his owner was free to bring him home if she wanted. She brought him home so she could make sure he was okay and administer his medication herself. The Vet helped her load Mango into the car and they put him onto his favorite bright orange blanket. He was ready to go home.

Mango's owner took the week off of work to take care of Mango. He mostly stayed on his dog bed, but he did get up and move around the house a little bit. Their runs were put on hold and they only went on short walks around the neighborhood once or twice a day. He really loved his owner after that experience. He was really grateful he had such a great owner. He hopes their days together will continue to be great and fun.

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