Name: Adarito

Nickname: Ada or Rito

Meaning: Rito comes from the Italian word "impaurito" meaning "funky"

Gender: Gelding (male)

Species: Horse

Breed: Appaloosa

Color: Brown Leopard

Age: 5 years

Trained In: Show Jumping, Barrel Racing, Reining, Western Pleasure, Western Lessons, English Lessons, Trail Rides

Competes In: Show Jumping, Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure

Likes: People, Himself, Affection, Praise, Clean Stalls, Nice Weather, Sunshine, Light Rain, Music, Birds

Dislikes: Sadness, Unhappiness, Abuse, Dirty Areas, Thunder, Lightning, Being Trapped, Being Indoors for Extent Periods of Time

Personality: Ada is the original schooling horse. He is amazingly good natured, patient, sweet, and rarely aggressive. He is good with children of all ages and is also a well accomplished show horse. Generally, Ada is placed in Show Jumping classes or Barrel Racing, but sometimes does Western Pleasure for fun and as a stress reliever.  

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