Name: Pumpkin Face

Nickname: Pumpkin; PF

Species: Phrolve

Type: Spirit of Halloween

Age: Does not Die

Gender: Male

Personality: PF is just about the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. He is very mysterious, but never ignores anyone, ever. PF gets very  attached to one person, his owner, and would lay down his life for her. He rarely ever harms anything, unless they start it. PF also [u]loves[/u] Halloween, as he is the Spirit of Halloween. If he's not out in plain sight, he's probably hiding ready for you to find him, possibly in a Pumpkin? Maybe! You never know!

Likes: Halloween; Pumpkins; Fun; Hide and Seek; Games; Love; Affection; Attention; His Owner; Mystery; Darkness; Night; Winter; Cold Weather.

Dislikes: Enemies; Monsta; Halloween Haters; Boredom; Staying Inside; Being Trapped; Hatred; Openness; Summer; Hot Weather; Daylight; Bright Light.

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