Name: Dazar (pronounced "The Zar")

Nickname: Zar

Meaning: Refers to the Zar of Russia or their ruler/president, which ever you want to call him.

Gender: Gelding

Species: Horse

Breed: Purebred American Paint Horse 

Age: 5 Human Years

Trained In: Show Jumping, Dressage, Barrel Racing, English Lessons, Western Lessons

Competes In: Show Jumping, Dressage, Barrel Racing

Likes: Competition, Being Serious, Jumping, Lessons, Training, Work, His Trainer, The Woods, Praise, Affection

Dislikes: Lazy Days, Not Working, Being Off, Easy Competitions, His Trainer Leaving Him, Anger, Beating

Personality: Zar is a very hard working horse. His way of having fun is working for hours on end. He has a very strong bond with his trainer and has separation anxiety if she leaves. Zar also is a top competitor in his show circuit and is extremely competitive .  

Reference: Left Side- (x) Right Side- (x)

Art: (x)

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