Name: Caru

Nickname: Ti (Short for Tiger)

Gender: Male

Breed: Australian Bat-Eared Wolf

Age: 2-4 Human Years

Family: Damian

Personality: Caru is a sweet as can be male Bat who loves just about everything he's ever seen. He is every calm and loving and wouldn't hurt people he loves. Caru also loves the varies species of animals he see's in Australia. He spends his days hunting on the Fields of Amber in Australia with his other Bat-Eared friends. Caru is also very loving towards his brother. He loves him with all his heart and would do anything for him. Damian and him are very close.

Likes: Hunting, Playing, Running, Other Animals, Other Bats, Damian, Kindness

Dislikes: War, Sadness, Threats, Death, Predators, Winter 

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