Name: Ray

Nickname: Ray; Ray Ray

Gender: Male

Breed: Lion Based Australian Bat-Eared Wolf

Age: 3-4 Human Years

Family: None

Personality: Ray is very bold. His personality is generally the same as a male lion: Bold, Leader, Serious. He would put down his life for the person he loves. Ray would make a great father and mate, mainly because he is very loving and romantic. He is great with pups and families; although, he can get rather aggressive, due to his lion-like nature, but it is very rare. He is also a very fast runner and loves to chase other Bats and animals.

Likes: Being in charge; His Pack; Other Bats; Stalking; Food; Love; Winter

Dislikes: Being Lesser than Others; Summer; Hot Weather; Starvation; Sadness; Death 

Crush: None (Looking)

Mate: None (Looking)

Pups: N/A 

Reference: (x)

Art: (x)

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