Name: Tommy

Nickname: Tom, Tom Tom, Tomas

Gender: Male

Breed: Australian Bat-Eared Wolf

Age: 3-4 Human Years

Family: Synn (Owned by Holli)

Personality: Tommy is a very shy and loving buddy. He doesn't talk much and doesn't like to talk to most Bats. He can lead very well due to the element of silence. If someone asks him a question and he doesn't immediately answer, the answer is no. Tommy also loves his sister, Synn, and would do almost anything for her. Their tragic past has put them in a position that they themselves are all the other has.

Likes: Synn, Being Happy, Being in Charge, Silence, Sleep, Summer, Love

Dislikes: Talking, Laziness, Sadness, Following Orders, Death, Lightning, Trees

Crush: None (Looking)

Mate: None (Looking)

Pups: N/A 

Reference: (x)

Art: (x)

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